NRAC Supporters

Supporter status is intended for two groups of people:

Those who have an interest in the access field and would like to receive some of the benefits that are available to Members, but do not necessarily want to become NRAC Consultants / NRAC Auditors

Those who may wish to seek membership of the NRAC at a later date, but do not currently have the training or experience to do so

Supporter status is open to any individual or organisation and it does not represent a quality standard. There is no assessed application for Supporters. Supporters receive the NRAC newsletter and are also invited to conferences and other events organised for Members. Supporters adhere to the Code of Practice for NRAC Supporters. Supporters are not Members of the NRAC and may not represent themselves as such. They are not accredited to undertake access consultancy or access auditing work. If an Supporter misrepresents themselves to clients as a Member of the NRAC, disciplinary proceedings will take place and the Supporter status will be withdrawn. The annual fee for Supporters is £85.00, which is payable pro rata in advance to the end of the current financial year. For international Supporters, this is £92.50. There is a reduced rate for access/disability groups and unwaged individuals of £40.00. To apply for Supporter status, please complete the application form and send it with the appropriate fee to the NRAC Manager.